Swimming pool renovation and resurfacing made easy!

Modernize your concrete pool and surrounding area while improving its energy efficiency and restoring your pool area

Exposure to the elements and chemicals and wear and tear, can spoil the ambiance of your pool area, not to mention becoming a safety hazard. Old pump house equipment can be temperamental, costly to run, and a drain on resources.

Experienced artisans and creators of beautiful swimming pools for over 40 years, the team at Azuro is experienced at inground pool renovation and pool resurfacing and brings tired and dated patios and pool areas back to life.

Often, swimming pool renovations can be completed without the hassle of a permit, and renovations are much less expensive than bulldozing and starting again! Rely on the experts at Azuro to handle your swimming pool remodel and bring your dreams to reality in no time.

Speak to the swimming pool renovation experts about your restoration.

Repair pool and patio concrete and tile areas

When your pool tiles are cracked and missing, your pool deck is sunken and unsafe, and the coping and pool plastering/marsite needs to be repaired or even replaced, Azuro can help. Concrete pool restoration work will brighten up your backyard and become a focal point of your summers.

Save pool operating costs and become energy-efficient

Swimming pool pump equipment can become temperamental, costly to operate, and an energy drain with age. Let Azuro switch out your old pump with a new state-of-the-art system to improve efficiency, save you money, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Get more than a swimming pool makeover

While you are getting your pool back in tip-top condition, let Azuro add new LED lighting, water features, a fire pit—all with automation to change the mood and suit the occasion—an outdoor kitchen, or new concrete planters for shrubs and greenery. You'll love your new swimming pool remodel.

Restoration work:

  • Drain wash and clean surfaces
  • Remove old tile and install new swimming pool tile
  • Remove and dispose of old white swimming pool plaster
  • Install new bright white swimming pool plaster
  • Wash and reseal concrete stonework


  • Wash and reseal concrete pool patios
  • Test and ensure pool plumbing is sound
  • Install new pumps
  • Fill and run swimming pool