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your space at home


A waterfall exudes natural beauty and is a highly relaxing water feature for the most exotic of backyard designs. Auzro has built waterfalls ranging from 6’ to 100’, and we are adept at using natural rock terrain features, or we can create custom artifical rock, to build beautiful realistic waterfalls. We are highly skilled at using concrete to build custom artificial rockwork that looks natural and will last many lifetimes.

No matter the size of your waterfall, we are concerned with efficiency and use state-of-the-art powerful water pumps that offer variable pump speeds, as well as using recycled water to minimize water waste. Additionally we reduce bacteria (with water filtering and UV tubes) to ensure easy maintenance.

your space at home

Azuro custom designed waterfalls are built for safety and easy low maintenance, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show with friends and family members.