• Outdoor Pool Renovations

    Creating exceptional outdoor spaces. For celebrations. For contemplations. For generations.

  • backyard pool oasis

    Refined gathering spaces. Fully imagined, fully realized. Exceptional gathering places for family, for community, for future generations.

  • Backyard pool design

    Gathering inspiration from nature, gathering family, gathering community, gathering memories to last beyond a lifetime. A new world in outdoor living.

  • Swimming pool Azuro

    At Azuro we value nature. We value beauty. We value quality. We value family. We value community. We value solitude. Our values are made to last.

  • Swimming pool hot tub Cow018

    Building fully imagined outdoor places to gather your family, to gather your community, or to simply gather your thoughts. Legacy installations of uncompromising quality and design to last a lifetime and beyond.

Find Out What's Possible

Considering a backyard remodel? Consult with our professional backyard designer this spring—we've successfully redesigned small, medium, and huge backyards—including those abutting onto a cliff and difficult to access. Let us help plan and build your dream outdoor space and maximize its potential.

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Outdoor Kitchens

Create a highly functional quality outdoor kitchen installation in your backyard so everyone can be outside on beautiful sunny days, to cook, to eat, to entertain, and to play. Azuro outdoor kitchens are custom designed, fully equipped, and durable.

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Custom Swimming Pools

Become the envy of your family and friends with an exclusive, one-of-a-kind inground swimming pools designed by Azuro. Our unique custom built concrete swimming pools fit the contours of your backyard and come with a multitude of design feature options.

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