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your space at home

Azuro designs and creates artificial rock that feels like natural rock formations.

Custom Rock Work

The Azuro team has decades of experience in custom artificial rock work. It’s a rare art, and our skilled concrete technicians can replicate any stone you choose for your custom backyard design: sandstone, blue granite, limestone, basalt, and salt spring sandstone. And we assure you that you will not know the difference between our custom artificial rockwork and natural rocks.

Artificial Rocks Built on Rebar Frame

Our artificial rock work, built on a rebar frame construction using high strength concrete, comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s lighter than natural stone, which makes it easier to manage than natural rock, yet it is heavy enough and solid enough to be safe. And it can be coloured and shaped to match natural rock.

Create Custom Concrete for Multiple Uses

Incredibly versatile, Azuro uses custom artificial rockwork to build a large range of outdoor backyard features: stamped-concrete patios, sidewalks, driveways, ponds, retainer walls, water feature structures (swimming pools, ponds, hot tubs), outdoor kitchens, staircases (freeform and standard), caves, grottos and swimming pool jumping platforms, and more.

Benefits of Artificial Rock Work

Natural Rock Artificial Rock
Comes in any shape* * *
Looks like natural rock * *
Feels like natural rock * *
Is lighter than natural rock *
Can be coloured to match natural environment* *
Easy to produce* *
Economical to produce* *
Strong/durable * *
Customizable* *

* Use of natural rock can be challenging because it is time consuming and expensive to find the right shapes and colours of rock and then to transport it to your worksite. Using custom artificial rock is less taxing on the environment and removes

Concrete Custom Built to Last

Artificial rock work built by Azuro allows you to realize your dream custom backyard without restrictions, so you can enjoy your own private sanctuary with family and friends.

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