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your space at home small

your space at home


Adding greenery and flowers to your beautiful backyard is a sure way to make your environment attractive, peaceful and relaxing. An efficient way to manage plant life is using custom designed concrete planters that can be strategically positioned around your backyard to enhance its natural beauty.

Azuro designs planters using artifical rock concrete any size and shape to match the layout, contours and colours of your backyard, fully equipped with irrigation and self-draining for easy maintenance. We build big planers for trees and bushes, and smaller planters for flowers and shrubs. When reclaiming previously sloping areas of your backyard through the construction of a retaining wall, we can also build an oversized planter to hold a lawn or a vegetable garden.

your space at home

Beautifully designed concrete planters by Azuro, filled with beautiful plants and flowers, are a sure way to enhance your yard, so you can enjoy relaxing in nature.