Structural Shotcrete


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Azuro can take care of your structural shotcrete projects efficiently when and where you need it.

Qualified Structural Shotcrete Contractors

We understand the benefits of structural shotcrete in your commercial construction projects; whether it’s a large commercial project or a small project. We also understand the importance of getting your shotcrete construction done smoothly and efficiently by a team of qualified shotcrete contractors.

Azuro’s team of structural shotcrete experts is knowledgeable and produces high quality, durable results. We have years of experience in the art of air placed shotcrete; we have built walls (for parkades), high-rise basements structures, excavation shoring, robust pools, water features, retaining walls, tanks and domes, architectural landscapes, and ground supports using the shotcrete tried and tested durable method of sprayed concrete. We have also successfully completed hundreds of structural repairs and restorations using shotcrete.

Timely and Economical Shotcrete Service

Timelines and deadlines are paramount in our industry, so getting the job done on time and on budget is critical. We pride ourselves on our ability to step up to the plate and build strong, durable shotcrete structures when and where you need us, so you can meet your exacting deadlines. We are flexible and sensitive to getting your shotcrete job done efficiently without sacrificing quality.


Subcontract Shotcrete to Azuro

Subcontracting your shotcrete construction projects to the Azuro team of experts has many benefits. We are highly efficient and work to keep the costs of shotcrete affordable; let us take care of your shotcrete structures so your team can focus on other priorities.

Shotcrete Experts

Shotcrete is a unique method of constructing concrete structures using a high velocity pneumatic projection; the compressed air projects concrete mix on target surfaces, which are typically reinforced frames, or panels that form a mold for the desired shape. Because of the force of the projection of the concrete from the nozzle as it is sprayed, the concrete is placed, compacted, and consolidated at the same time; it is incredibly versatile and can be impacted onto any type or shape of surface, including vertical or overhead areas, and is ideal for structural concrete.

The Azuro wet mix shotcrete experts include highly skilled shotcrete nozzlemen, and we produce high quality, durable structures that are aesthetically pleasing. Additionally we are experienced at using mechanical support equipment to handle very large jobs.

Quality Shotcrete

Because of our extensive experience we are adept at producing quality concrete work on a wide variety of shotcrete structures: from 50 metre retaining walls, to beautiful uniquely shaped swimming pools, to building foundation structures.


Benefits of Shotcrete

Shotcrete is durable, a fire retardant, has a high compressive strength, low permeability and can be shaped to any form. Shotcrete will match or even out-perform conventional methods of cast-in-place concrete; not only that it is cheaper and produces high quality results. See our comparison of shotcrete over conventional cast-in-place concrete.

Structural Shotcrete Conventional
Cast-in-place Concrete
Lower formwork costs (saving of 50% to 100%) *
Lower labour costs *
Lower equipment costs (cranes etc.) *
Ease of installation  *
Lowest permeability (water tight)  *
Most durable/strongest  *
Most versatile for complex forms or shapes and irregular surfaces  *
Best for vertical or overhead structures *
Up to 50% faster to build new constructions  *

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