Custom Hot Tubs



your space at home small

your space at home

Azuro designs and builds inground custom hot tubs for your relaxation and enjoyment.

Unique Hot Tubs Designed to Fit Your Needs and Space

Azuro builds custom concrete hot tubs to suit every need: any shape, any size (from four people up to a dozen or more), and to fit your beautiful backyard. When we say custom, we really mean it. We build indoor hot tubs and outdoor hot tubs, we can build inground hot tubs connected to swimming pools with invisible edges (sometimes called vanishing, spillover, infinity or negative edges), and we can individualize water jets to suit every desire from no jets, to powerful jets, to multiple jets. We can build covered and grotto style hot tubs (hidden) using artificial rock work, so your custom hot tub looks most natural.

Efficient Hot Tub Management Systems

We are committed to efficiency, and we install effective quality pumps, filtration systems, and water heaters. To ensure cost-effectiveness and energy preservation, our heaters can warm up your hot tub within ten minutes!

your space at home

Sate-of-the-art Hot Tub Technology

Azuro uses state-of-the-art technology that provides full spa-side in-house controllers as well as fully automated timer controls for all aspects of your custom hot tub (pumps, water heaters, LED lights and parental block/lock) as well as an iPad app, so you can manage your hot tub from virtually anywhere.

Relax in Your Own Custom Hot Tub

Custom-built hot tubs designed and built by Azuro means years of relaxation for you and your friends and family in the comfort of your own home.

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