Water Fountains



your space at home small

your space at home

Azuro designs and builds custom water fountains to bring life to your outdoor space.

Show Piece Water Fountains

If you are looking for a show piece to truly add Vegas style personality to your home, an Azuro style fountain system will do the job. From single to multiple fountainheads, integrated LED lighting, and piped music, we build fountain systems from simple to the most elaborate.

Energy Efficient Fountains

With energy efficiencies always in mind, our fountain systems use state-of-the-art powerful water pumps that offer variable pump speeds, as well as using recycled water to minimize water waste. Additionally, we reduce bacteria (with water filtering and UV tubes) to ensure easy maintenance.

your space at home

Relax to the Sound of a Fountain in Your Yard

A water fountain by Auzro is a soothing outdoor garden feature that will be sure to present a gathering spot for you and your friends and family to relax around.