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Making 2.5 Acres Feel Cozy

Kris and Petra live with their teenage children in a beautifully appointed large rancher in the Ladner area. The house sits on a flat, two point five acre, property with what would be considered an exceptionally over-sized front and back yard. Prior to the yard makeover, they both agree, it was rather uninviting and they preferred to spend time in their newly renovated indoor space. Its transformation has added a new dimension to their outdoor space with weaving brick pathways, cozy private patio, deck, and front porch, outdoor fire pits, and all beautifully landscaped. The entire family loves it.

Finding the Right Contractor

Kris and Petra had been planning to renovate their yard for some time, but admitted the project felt overwhelming simply because of its sheer size. When Petra heard about a beautiful backyard renovation at the home of a friend-of-a-friend, she did not hesitate to ask permission to check it out. “It was quite spectacular and I really appreciated the creativity,” said Petra. So she gave Azuro a call to see what Byron and his crew could do for them.

After a couple of visits from Byron, they came up with a 3D design that created the kind of intimate and cozy spaces they were hoping for in their very large yard: a cozy front porch where they regularly enjoy morning coffee as the sun rises; a private side patio and garden equipped with hot tub, beautiful planters, and fire pit; and a stunning large back deck that overlooks the entire back property.

The previous summer Kris and Petra had reached out to a few other contractors but nothing panned out.


The landscape is not easy to make interesting and Azuro was the first contractor to stick with it and provide creative ideas. “I liked the way Azuro had a set of plans to us within a few days. The project gained momentum; spring was fast approaching and everyone wanted to get the work done and enjoy it during the warm weather,” said Kris.

quoteI would give Azuro a gold star on flexibility. When we had ideas, even after the design was locked, there was never a problem getting the guys back and making changes, even when we were 90% complete.”

Working Iteratively

Once Kris and Petra had approved the plans on paper, and the build started, they realized some things needed to be adjusted. “It all looked perfect on paper, but when things come together it’s not quite as you imagined,” said Kris.

Petra particularly enjoyed working with Noel, the landscaper. “He is a very creative fellow—as he was working he would come up with great suggestions right off the cuff. I really appreciated his insight and honesty,” said Petra. The entire experience, from start to finish, was iterative, and that made for a superior outcome and satisfied not just Petra and Kris, but the entire Azuro team.

The Azuro Crew

At the start of the project the Azuro crew arrived guns-a-blazing with excavators and other equipment. It was all action and every day was different.

Kris was out of town during much of the build, but Petra recalls how impressed she was at the end of every day—the place was spotless. “The Azuro crew members are really nice fellows, and it was obvious that they took great pride in their work and delivered a high quality workmanship,’ said Kris.

The End Result

Kris and Petra are very positive about their new outdoor space. “It is so nice walking out on the deck now,’ says Petra. “Our property is so big; my goal was to create smaller areas where I could just putter or relax. The low walls and plants have created a cozy courtyard area in our 2.5 acre yard, and I really love it,” says Petra
For now the family is looking forward to enjoying their new outdoor space, but they were quick to say that if they decide to do some additional outdoor renovations in the future, without a doubt, they will call Azuro back knowing they can rely on them to do more

Job Specifications

  • Removal of Existing Asphalt
  • Three Separate and Unique Lounging Areas
  • Extensive Planting and Landscaping
  • Custom Concrete Work
  • Stone Planters
  • Low Perimeter Brick Walls (to form court yards)
  • Night Lighting
  • Automated Irrigation System
  • Landscaping
  • 2000 Square Feet of Trex Transcends Decking
  • Sculpted, Stamped Stone Patio
  • Two Custom Outdoor Fire Pits
  • 300 Lineal Feet of New Paved Stone Walkways
  • Low Perimeter Brick Walls

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