Backyard Designs
and Renovations


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your space at home image

Azuro designs and builds beautiful functional outdoor spaces—perfect for quiet time relaxing and fun gatherings.

Your Sanctuary

Home is sanctuary. The way it looks reflects who you are and the way you feel. It’s where most of us build family, welcome friends, seek quiet, find comfort, garner strength, and celebrate good times and good fortunes.

Creating and Outdoor Space

The way we see it, the sky’s the limit in outdoor living possibilities. And as your backyard designer, we’ll present you with wonderful options that maximize the potential of your outdoor property. But choosing what’s right for you requires careful consideration and time. In our experience, this is an organic process fuelled by your valuable input. We recommend you spend some time identifying the functional elements you want, and the aesthetic statement you desire, to help us create your beautiful outdoor space. Azuro Concepts works closely with you to ensure your personal expression of home is reflected in the design, beauty, and functionality of your new outdoor living space.

Custom Backyard Design Service

Specializing in turnkey operations, we look after every aspect from inception of your new backyard design to final plantings. We also take pride in our ability to excel on projects that present significant logistical challenges and to respond quickly to the evolving needs of each project.

Dedicated Work Crews

Each and every backyard makeover has a dedicated project manager and work crew present on site, every day, delivering our promise to you: direct and reliable communication, unwavering discretion, attention to detail, steady workflow, superior materials and craftsmanship completed on time and on budget. And, if you wish, we will take care of on-going maintenance.

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