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Richmond Resort


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About the Richmond Farmland Property

Cheryl and Craig live in their comfortable family home that overlooks five acres of farmland, where Craig manages a cranberry farm. Out back, between the house and farmland, they always had a backyard space, with swimming pool and seating. But it was getting old and needed a little TLC. The decision to give it a radical makeover happened quickly, “I was very pleased with the decision to go with Azuro for our backyard renovation. We are every day,” says Craig.

On a Mission

Craig and Cheryl noticed it was time to replace the pool deck. They were keen to get it done before summer. So they set off to the BC Home and Garden show to find a contractor. When Craig discovered the Azuro display, he really liked the hot tub and rockwork. He was curious to find out how that look could play out in his backyard in Richmond, so he set up a time for Byron and Scott to drop by.

Home Visit and Due Diligence

It all happened quite quickly, which was good. After they measured up the space, they discussed concepts. Craig and Cheryl had in mind perhaps replacing the pool liner and replacing the pool deck. However they really liked some of the creative ideas Byron had, and when he brought out the 3D designer plans—they began to feel really confident that Azuro could turn their backyard into a dream space.

Craig was compelled to do his due diligence. So he got a second quote, and that turned out to be significantly lower. “Through my business experience, I felt I could work with Byron,” said Craig. “I did some research and Azuro’s references were excellent. My gut told me to go with them—I trusted their professionalism. Choosing Byron felt similar to buying a Mercedes, we knew we were going to get a well-made project.

The Construction Deadline

Craig and Cheryl set a goal to have the backyard ready for 9 June for an annual hockey party. This meant Azuro had three months to make it happen.

quoteEvery morning the first thing we do is look out at our new backyard, and we feel almost giddy with happiness. It is quite beautiful.”

“The Azuro crew is one of the hardest working crews I have experienced, the guys worked together well, enjoyed what they were doing, and sometimes put in 12 to 14 hour long hot days,” said Craig.

Craig and Cheryl had no doubt that the crew would make the deadline. And they made sure everything was done right—Byron is just not the kind to cut corners. It was very hot, and they were well coordinated and always prepared. “I really appreciated the lack of intrusion in our life. We weren’t using the backyard anyway, and the crew cleaned up every day,” Cheryl commented, “Quite frankly it was really interesting to watch them at work; there was a real willingness to work hard and everyone was professional every step of the way.”

Despite the tight timeline, there was still time to make changes right in the middle of the project. “The process was very fluid and we were welcome to get involved,” said Craig. “Byron said we could do anything we wanted—but not after the concrete was poured, which seemed fair to us.”

And the 9 June hockey party was a great success. There were a couple of last minute finishing touches the day of the party: the grill installed, and pool lights and waterfall hooked up. Craig and Cheryl agree it was really great.

Hanging Out in the New Backyard

Everyone loves to come play at Craig and Cheryl’s place now. It’s been nicknamed: The Resort, Disney Land, and Splash Mountain! Their grandchildren have a blast when they come to stay, and as Craig says, when the family is having fun, we have fun too. A natural homebody, Cheryl really enjoys having people over, and they have hosted many parties.

“The space draws me out—it feels like an extension of the house, and the outdoor kitchen is to die for,” said Cheryl. “It’s an outdoor living space you read about—

it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to sit in the salt-water hot tub at the end of the day, which we pretty much do every day.”

“Our backyard has become a centre-piece for us share and enjoy. I don’t think there is anything Azuro could have done better—the father/son team of Byron and Scott provides confidence, knowledge, ability, and drive to get the job done. They are not the least expensive however, price is what you pay; value is what you get,” says Craig smiling.

Job Specifications

Demolition and removal of old existing swimming pool and patios

Outdoor Kitchen

  • Delta Heat professional grill
  • Stainless steel sealed storage cupboards
  • Stainless steel fridge
  • Oversize counter and sit up bar for easy entertaining

Swimming Pool

  • 34’x18’ (3’-8’6” deep)
  • Coral sand colored marsite with grey tile and rock formations throughout
  • Salt water
  • High efficient heater and pumps
  • Color changing LED lighting

Hot Tub

  • Large oversize rock sculpted with custom seating
  • Salt water
  • High efficient heater and pumps (separate system from pool)
  • Color changing LED lighting

Rock Formation

  • Pool side variable speed water fall with hidden carved stairs
  • Swim in/swim out grotto
  • Diving platforms

Night Lighting



Hand sculpted, stamped stone patio and large comfortable stairs with built-in lighting

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