Byron Wilson

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Byron has that quietconfidence of someone who both knows andlikes what he does.

With a highly experienced eye for balance, design, and beauty, Byron is the architect and conductor of every project. His career has revolved around the business of construction and over the past twenty years, he has been focused on creating exquisite outdoor installations. As founder and past president of Arcon Rock and Waterscapes Inc., Byron expanded the parameters and raised the standards for exclusive residential outdoor living and commercial stone and water features.

He was the driving force behind the successful design and construction of such iconic, west coast modern commercial installations as found today at Vancouver International Airport (YVR), the Vancouver Aquarium as well as the West Vancouver Recreation Center. Byron brings to every project: an innate spatial awareness, design acumen, and operational experience together with a deeply felt connection to the environment. Byron is a keen lover of nature, deriving inspiration from our beautiful west coast and deep-sea diving around the world.

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Scott Wilson


Scott has an infectious exuberance that shines through in his work. This is a guy who loves what he does.

It’s in his blood.Scott’s been on job sites since he was a kid, working with his Dad, Byron, and other experts and ultimately learning the business. Early on in his career, Scott formed his own construction firm and operated it successfully for more than seven years. During this time he honed his skills in concrete work as well as a broad range of other skills, including framing, electrical, plumbing, and most importantly, satisfying clients.

As the lead project manager and equal partner in Azuro, Scott is hands-on and fully engaged in the day-to-day operations. Never afraid to throw his weight behind a shovel or jump on the backhoe, Scott manages the particulars of every job from the quality of the workmanship right down to the development and maintenance of sustainable environmental practices on site. A family man at heart, Scott loves nothing more than to be out in nature with his beautiful wife, two children, and the dogs.

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