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Thinking about taking the next step but before you do, would it help to get a few niggly questions answered. Please see below a list of frequently asked questions we hope will be helpful.


How long does it take to complete a backyard renovation project?

First, we encourage our clients to take their time in the planning stage to make sure they are entirely happy with the design. Once the plan is set, building permits can take between four to six weeks, and we’ll start work on-site as soon as they are approved. While every project is different, we generally estimate three to four months to complete from the day we break ground.

What is the process to get a beautiful backyard designed and built?

Because we have done this dozens of time we have a tried-and-tested process that is sure to result in a beautiful backyard for you. Starting with getting to know you, we work with you to design your perfect yard, take care of getting permits, excavate your old yard (including creating a nursery for your plant life, so it can be replanted at the end of the project), lay the infrastructure, pour concrete, build above ground infrastructures, landscape and take care of the finishing touches. See The Process for more detailed information.

How long does it take to install a custom inground swimming pool in my backyard?

Depending on the complexity of the swimming pool design, we expect to have a custom swimming pool built and operational in approximately two months from the day our crew starts work on your site. Design time and permit approval take additional time.

Is there a good time of the year to get started on my backyard renovation?

We work year-round and can get started when you are ready. Azuro’s can-do-culture will work to meet your needs and deadlines.

Do you install swimming pool alarm beams for safety?

Yes, we can install swimming pool alarms for safety reasons. When we design your backyard with you, we will take into consideration all your needs. For example, we will want to know if you expect to have young children around your water features, and how you intend to use your pool. Based on your situation, we will recommend safety measures.

How much disruption can we expect during backyard construction?

The Azuro crew prides itself on keeping the disruption to our clients to a minimum. However, there is no denying we will be on-site for many weeks with heavy machinery during some of those weeks. To minimize your discomfort we have a foreman on-site at all times who will keep you abreast daily of planned activities, progress, and what to expect. This means, for example, you will know when heavy machinery will be on-site and for how long. During the excavation phase, we will be bringing large waste skips on-site, but these will be filled during the day and removed at the end of each day. During our working day, we will be using tools as we work, but at the end of each day, we do a complete tidy up to ensure the site is left as clean as possible at the end of the day. Our Azuro crew members are friendly and respectful, and we are sure you will find them fun to have around.

Can you build a beautiful backyard on our sloping mountainside backyard?

Azuro has a reputation for building beautiful backyards in the most challenging of backyards. With careful planning, we can build up your sloping backyard and add structural sound retaining walls that will allow us to build the backyard of your dreams. Our motto is, ‘anything is possible.


Do you respond to RFPs?

Yes, we are happy to compete for commercial work through the RFP process. Please forward your RFP to


Will our new outdoor space require a lot of maintenance?

We recommend annual power-washing and sealing once every two years. In some cases a slight colour adjustment may be recommended. Pool and waterscape maintenance is comparable to regular maintenance required on other high quality systems. Azuro is happy to look after all on-going maintenance for you including gardening needs. Like we said, turnkey service is our specialty.

Do you use real rock?

Moving and artfully placing real rock presents logistical and aesthetic challenges. Our custom rock work—built out of concrete—looks better because we can control the size, shape and colour. In the end, we build a rock formation that looks natural and contains lines and fissures that are in balance with the overall design.

Doesn't concrete erode in the weather?

Azuro uses the best concrete available with the lowest porosity. Erosion is not an issue.

Do you offer a warranty on your work?

Azuro stands by our work with a lifetime warranty on our craftsmanship. If a problem arises, we will be there to fix it. Pool, kitchen, sound and electrical equipment is protected as per the manufacturer’s warranty.

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