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Backyard Jewel


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Underutilized Back Yard

Lara and Blake live in a tastefully appointed beach-front property in Boundary Bay. While their front yard offers a spectacular and expansive view of the ocean and beach, their small backyard garden presented little more than a weeding nightmare—a job that Lara did not find especially enjoyable. The spot was intimate and the garden beautiful but not utilized as much as Lara and Blake wished.

Notion for a Radical Transformation

So Lara spurred the exploration of integrating the underutilized garden space and converting it into a unique recreational spot. Her vision was for a snug, wind-free, and intimate space that, despite its compact size, would offer multiple activities the entire family could enjoy.

Next Steps

Lara’s vision made perfect sense to Blake, and with the decision made to make it happen, the couple recalled having been impressed with Azuro’s work at the home show a few years prior. Although Blake and Lara recognized the quality of Azuro’s work, they wanted a different style than the other work Azuro had done. This did not faze Byron at all; he took time to find out exactly what Lara and Blake wanted and set out to design it for them.

“The proposal that came back from Azuro was more than just a few pages of type. Azuro listened to our dream and presented us with a computer- generated drawing that hit all the highlights.”

Blake said, “Although we interviewed other contractors who offered us more competitive pricing, we could really see how specialized Azuro is and felt confident its team could really make the transformation happen.”

The Build

The bobcat arrived in January and the back yard turned into a mud-pit. As the framework of the space started to emerge, Lara’s creative energy kicked in to high-gear. Working closely with Mike, Azuro’s visionary artist, they found themselves discussing possible changes to the original design.

When we decided to add a waterfall, we were aware changes can be difficult,” said Blake. “But Byron was both amenable and excited about the idea. The guys were fully onboard, and after the changes were costed out, they built a clay model of the waterfall, complete with three ledges, to ensure it was exactly what we wanted.”

quote“What I really liked about working with Azuro is that no one ever said—that is not going to be possible. The team works together to find solutions right down to the finest of details. The outcome is a beautiful cohesive product.”

Lara’s vision prevailed throughout as the space evolved and the elements pulled together. A few gotchas came into play that meant a slide in the timeline—which is never fun.


However, everyone one, including Blake and Lara, collaborated to find creative solutions to meet the couple’s needs precisely.

The Azuo Guys

Blake and Lara both agree, the guys were professional, organized, cleaned up at the end of each day, and kept them well informed on what to expect in advance. “They were always respectful—really good people—who treated this place like it was their own,” says Lara. “It was really nice that they noticed things that needed to be done, or corrected, and just took care of them.”

An Exquisite End Product

Blake and Lara are both really pleased with their decision to work with Azuro. They love the flow and cohesiveness of the space. Blake particularly likes the functionality of the design and the quality of the construction. “Using the latest ozone technology and a single heater, the Azuro team accommodated the plumbing to switch from the hot tub to the pool and have a concurrent waterfall—all in an efficient and compact pump room.” The couple concur they are thrilled with how it has all come together like an exquisite jewel.

“The final product is ‘top-drawer’. Well engineered and of the finest construction.”

Job Specifications

  • Concrete Hot Tub
  • Custom Swimming Pool with Waterfall
  • Extensive Planting and Landscaping
  • Custom Concrete Work
  • Wooden and Concrete Planters
  • Pond with Waterfall
  • Detached Dance and Yoga Studio
  • Sauna
  • Night Lighting
  • Automated Irrigation System
  • Custom Outdoor Fireplace

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