Our Philosophy


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The idea of legacy is a driving force at Azuro. It governs the platinum standards for our designs, informs the choice of materials and is uncompromising in its expectation of workmanship and enduring, functional beauty.

Legacy is about putting in place now that which we can enjoy in the future. Azuro lays the foundation for outdoor living at its very best; carving beautiful spaces that reflect and honor nature, that gather together family, friends and community. We like to believe we’re here to help you create memories that last.

And we do the best we can to tread lightly on the environment. Because our children and your children share the same future.

Carving Beauty

At Azuro, we carve beauty from the endless sources of inspiration found in nature. It’s both humbling and an honor to replicate the great outdoors. And it sets uncompromising standards for every residential and commercial project we do.

Superior Quality

Azuro uses only the best. The highest-grade materials, the most gifted artisans. We stand behind our work.


Beyond craft and quality, we take great care at each step along the way, from the first spark of inspiration to the final perfect touch, to ensure that our creations give full expression to your vision or dreams. That means clear and on-going communication with you.

Care for our Environment

We take care to tread lightly. Our practises and materials are guided by environmental considerations.

Full Service

It’s our commitment to look after you every step of the way. From drawing the first design to planting the last rose bush. And we offer maintenance services as well.


Clear, direct, on-going communication at every step along the way with friendly crew members who understand and care about your project.

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